Additional Learning Support

We value and respect each learner and make every effort to identify and meet their needs. We want our Learners to succeed and aim to help each one learn in a way which is best for them. We are committed to equality of opportunity for all and are working to achieve that goal.

Student Support Entitlement

The Learning Support Service is available to all students at all levels and aims to help them achieve success in their education and careers. This includes support for:

  • Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties and/or disabilities
  • Learners with literacy, numeracy, or language needs

How to get Learning Support

It is easy to make an appointment with learning support:

  • Telephone 01625 410018
  • Drop in and ask Student Services to make an appointment
  • Tick the box on your course application form
  • Ask to see Learning Support when you attend an interview
  • Download a Student Services Referral form and email to

We promise you will get

  • A confidential assessment of your individual needs which can include:
  • A suggested Learner Support Plan to meet your needs which may include:
    • Adaptive equipment and technology
    • Note taking or material adapting
    • Communication or Signing
    • Having a reader or Scribe
    • Special Examination arrangements
    • Access to specialist support from external agencies
    • Small group teaching
    • One to one teaching
    • Learning facilitators in classes and workshops
    • One to one mentor support
    • Regular review of your Learner Plan
    • Regular review of access in college buildings