What Our Clients Say

J Beattie, Customer Feedback Officer - Plus Dane Group

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my ITQ. I didn't really know much before I started attending your classes and you have really helped me understand. I now have so much more confidence in the work I do and doing reports in my new job role are a breeze!"

Lesley Clarke, Resource Management Team - Barclays Bank

"Barclays at Radbroke Hall have been working with Macclesfield College for nearly 12 months.  They work in partnership with us and provide flexible and relevant training provision that meets our requirements. Currently, they support 6 of our 2nd year apprentices who are working towards the 1st year of a foundation degree; they have been incredibly flexible by delivering 1 of the 2 nights here on site. They have fantastic employer engagement and organise many events to give opportunities to network. They also provide a great pipeline to bring talent into our organisation."

Tina Peet, Assistant Management Accountant - Plus Dane Group

"I thoroughly enjoyed doing this qualification; the flexibility of being able to fit the units around your normal working day is really good.

Overall I thought the ITQ Level 3 was a joy to do and would encourage everyone to do it. The tutor, Anne Mollart was very friendly and helpful; she answered questions fully and made me feel confident in the work I was producing."

Christopher Barral, Director - Abacus Care (Cheshire) Limited

"Thank you for your kindness in letting Abacus Care Cheshire attend your Christmas Family Fun day on Saturday 3rd December 2011. Lubna who attended alongside myself for the event enjoyed the many stalls that were present, the friendliness of staff and the many events which happened… especially the tap dancing which was brilliant!

Lastly Shirley let me thank you and all your staff on behalf of Abacus Care Cheshire for their exceptional work with my staff who knowledge they have enriched this year through Macclesfield College. Plus the many opportunities given by yourself to support Abacus Care Cheshire growth, it is valued and will not be forgotten, thank you."

Stuart Heaviside - Former Student

"I am embarking on a Professional Higher Education course in September 2011 with the IFS School of Management ultimately leading to a BSc (Hons) in Banking Practice and Management. I met the entry criteria set from a few years ago but had been asked by the IFS School of Management, Admissions to show recent evidence of study to support my application, this in part could form a CV.
Therefore the NVQ Level 2 Customer Services Certificate and the IT NVQ Level 2 Certificate were critical to the success of the application. These recent  qualifications did indeed make the difference and my application was successful. It therefore just goes to show that although the above NVQ's as 'stand alone qualifications' would not have been sufficient, but when coupled with the previous acedemic study do become very important qualifications even if not directly related. Little things can indeed make a big difference.
I just wanted to illustrate to you (as a real case example) that not only have these NVQ's been invaluable to me in the workplace but have also carried great weight for me outside the workplace. I am therefore extremely grateful that Royal London in Partnership with Macclesfield College ran these two NVQ's under yourselves as course tutors. I am very grateful to you both of your help and encouragement and without your help this would not have been possible.  I just thought I would give you both valuable feedback as to the value to me of these NVQ's."

Macclesfield District General Hospital - Wendy Carroll, Facilities Department

"I must say how much I have enjoyed the last 12 months or so of training with you and I am now quite proficient in producing forms, spreadsheets and presentations, all of which have helped immensely with my job. I had very little knowledge of the Microsoft packages before my training and your expertise and patience have been much appreciated."

Age Concern, East Cheshire - Karen Wilson - Acting Chief Executive

"I thought you might like to know that I have been appointed ‘Acting Chief Executive’ at Age Concern East Cheshire...    the trustees felt that I was the best person for the job. I feel that I could not have accepted this job without the confidents and knowledge I gained from completing the ‘Foundation Degree’."

HMP & YOI Styal - Adrienne Murray - Training & Development Manager/NVQ Champion

"...thank you for all the advice support and guidance you have offered regarding PTLL's and more recently the NVQ Customer Services pilot. I know you have appreciated the difficulties that we experience as an Establishment in order to successfully release staff to attend important developmental opportunities without impacting to much on the regime, and as such your flexibility and support has been a key to actually getting this training up and running  within Styal for which I am very grateful.

May I add also that the calibre of the Tutors from the College is excellent and that they are always charming, professional and thoroughly adaptable and friendly in their approach to delivery."

Health & Social Care Student (Letter to Lecturer)

"Due to family problems I was sure I could not continue with my NVQ. It was only your support that kept me going. I missed lessons and you were always so calm when I was panicking. Thanks for coming in when my shifts were changed and looking after me as an individual. I hope I will do you proud!"

Sunrise of Mobberley - Amanda Ben-Hmida - Manager

"I would like to thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm in assisting our care staff through the NVQ training programmes.  I have found you to be approachable knowledgeable and confident. You are available when requested and always take the time to allay fears and anxieties that care staff naturally feel about other types of formal training. We feel you are part of our team and welcome you as a colleague each time you attend."

Hallmark Hotels - Sue Lawrence - HR Coordinator

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say how well my recent enquiry about a possible apprenticeship was handled by you and your team, specifically Liz Delight. Having originally approached another local college with this particular enquiry, I feel the service I received from Macclesfield was by far,  more efficient, informative and speedy than the handling by the other college. Thank you and well done!

It’s only been about 1 week since my original enquiry to you and I am now in a position to confirm an apprenticeship with our employee, with full information of what is involved and how it will work, and today see that Liz Delight has already logged an application on our behalf for a possible grant attached to this apprenticeship.

As an employer, the most important thing for me is for the process to be as simple as possible for me and an understanding on your part that I do not need to grasp every detail of the schemes or funding available; simply a confidence that you can give me a match for my requirements. That is exactly what Liz Delight has delivered – please pass on my thanks."

Inland Revenue - Georgina Sinnott - Customer Relations Manager

"I found the service from Macclesfield College excellent.  I was always well informed and kept up to date with the progress of my team. Their confidence had come on leaps and bounds. The IT training has been of great benefit to the employees and to the department."

QDP - Beryl Barton - Manager

"One of our employees has to send a lot of e-mails to clients and although she got a C at GCSE English, her grammar was not up to the standard we would like. She took an English class at the College last year, the tutor explained the grammar very clearly and she found it really useful. We are really impressed with her progress. She would now like to take Maths."

Fallibroome High School - Lynn Hindley - Head of Sixth Form

"I would like to place on record our enormous thanks for the terrific job you have done with our students over the years. Your guidance and patience has been much appreciated and I know that without your expert skills, our students would not have achieved to the level they have."

Nina Rizzo - NVQ Level 2 Student in Business Administration

"As you know, I have lived abroad for 26 years and so getting back into the workplace has been a huge adjustment for me to make. I am determined to improve my skills in this field as much as possible for the length of time I have remaining before I retire. I would like to thank you for being such a kind, patient and very interesting teacher. Your attitude towards the course and how I may best study for it has put me completely at ease and you have encouraged me when I have needed to be encouraged. You have given me sound advice and have explained really well the tasks I need to undertake to complete the course within the given time scale.

I would just like to thank you for your constant support and all the hard work you have put into helping me along the way."

Adlington Hall - Julie Williams - Manager

"Two of our staff have recently achieved NVQ Level 2 at Macclesfield College. I am writing to thank you and your department for helping them through the process, both have gained a great deal, not only in their approach to their customers but also their colleagues. They have both grown in confidence and are progressing well within the company.

The course was well planned and caused minimum disruption to us as a company and I have no hesitation in using or recommending Macclesfield College for future training."

AstraZeneca - Helen Maurice Jones - Purchase 2 Pay Department

"The foundation degree course is well structured and the tutor offered a clear and well constructed method of teaching. The handouts provided contain all the relevant information and are helpful hints/tools when writing reports.

The recommended textbooks are relevant, concise and relatively inexpensive. The college library also offers a good selection of resources, especially text books. Internet access is also available for all as well as an email account.

The course lecturers are available to help and will free up time for students should they require help or advice, which is always beneficial especially as we are part-time students who work full time. They are also obtainable by email which again helps the working student."

Bollington Leisure Centre - Steven Hurst - Centre Manager

"All dealings I have had with the business team at Macclesfield College have been very positive and without them my organisation would not be currently undertaking this training. I would recommend them to colleagues and other businesses."

Cheshire East Council - Angel McBride - Human Resources Officer

"Macclesfield College have been delivering IT training to a wide range of employees employed at the Council since 2002.

The team of lecturers have been flexible in their approach to ensure that our employees gain as much as possible in order to release their personal potential and improve their performance which in turn assists the Council in meeting personal development plans.

The lecture have provided training of high quality and offered great support to all involved in a friendly and professional manner."

Ten Alps Publishing - Julie Greenall - Receptionist

"After being on the NVQ Business and Administration course I feel I am more able and confident in my work. Our tutor was very helpful and if you have any problems outside of the training session, she made it clear that she could be contacted via email. When problems arose she responded quickly with advice and support. Overall I would say that the training and service offered by the College was second to none, and if I was to take another course I would hope to pursue it through this College with the same tutor."

Applecroft Nursing Home, Congleton - Matron

"The Tutor saw that I was keen and fast tracked me through NVQ 2 and NVQ 3 in a year and a half, and then my Registered Carers. Three years ago I was a carer here, now I am running the place."

First Choice Airways - Matthew Woodiwiss - Engineering Apprentice

"I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the training I received whilst at Macclesfield College earlier this month. I am pleased to let you know that I have passed the CAA exam that I sat at Manchester in October with 80%. I felt confident going into the exam and felt that the tuition I received from you covered everything I needed to know to pass."

Cheshire East Council - Employee

"The courses I've done have really helped me with my work and being located in the building is really good as it means I don't lose hours travelling to another location which is an efficient use of my working hours to the benefit of the council (and my stress levels!)."

Cottrils Creative Reward - Dennis Anderson - Head of HR

"The course has exceeded our expectations on all counts. The group that attended the course are now much more sensitive to the needs of both their external customers and their colleagues and understand the concept of internal customers now.

For my part the courses ran very smoothly with the minimum of disruption to the business even though we had as many as 10 key workers attending one of your sessions at any one time. The staff involved made sure that there was little or no disruption to the remaining staff which was much appreciated.

All the staff that attended have been most complementry about the content and teaching techniques and are really grateful that the company decided to make this investment in them."

The Rossendale Trust - HR Manager

"All the staff felt that this course was more than useful and went a long way in assisting their knowledge to provide the best possible care for the client group they care for."

Former NVQ in Customer Service Student - Employee of Wienerberger Ltd.

"During the course I learned a different perspective on applying Customer Service and feel that there is an improvement at work because of this course. As I have not been in an educational course of any kind for a number of years I found this to be exceptionally easy to en-gross myself in and feel my overall skills in report writing has vastly improved. I have since applied to do an HND in Business Management."

Former NVQ Business & Administration Students

Julie Greenall - Receptionist at Ten Alps Publishing

"After being on the NVQ Business and Administration course I feel I am more able and confident in my work. Our tutor was very helpful and if you had any problems outside of the training session, she made it clear she could be contacted via e-mail. When problems arose she responded quickly with advice and support. Overall I would say the training and service offered by the College was second to none, and if I was to undertake another course I would hope I could pursue it through this College with the same tutor."

Vicky Bissett - Receptionist at Ten Alps Publishing

"We found the Train to Gain programme enabling us to gain our NVQ Level 2 very beneficial.  The course gave us confidence as Receptionists, enabling us to be pleasant and firmer with people who telephoned the company.

We are more articulate and give a positive image of the company when dealing with visitors.  It has helped us to be organised in planning our work, especially when preparing text from notes, either our own or other peoples and in our change over time.

We accept feedback and use the information more positively. We have become more efficient on the switchboard, therefore answering the incoming calls more quickly. We find we are applying the organisation’s values and policies into the business environment more efficiently.

The IT training was a great asset, and has meant we have been able to take on more responsible type of work.  We have learnt about how to do so many projects, such as spreadsheets, mail merging and pie charts. We feel quite competent for most tasks using the computer."

Former Line Management Student - Simon Priest

"First of all I would like to congratulate the tutors that were provided.  They were very knowledgeable and I certainly benefited from the experience that they had and the Industry backgrounds from which they came.  They were both very credible which I felt is needed for me to take the course seriously.

The course work that was set was challenging at times and the tutors encouraged and motivated me to want to learn the steps that I need to take to be a First Line Manager I am also pleased to say that through doing this course I have certainly adopted many of the recognised good practices and implemented them into my day to day operational procedures.

I would certainly recommend doing the First Line Management course at Macclesfield Learning Zone to anybody that works in a supervisory position, but would stress that commitment needs to be there if they are to succeed in passing the course.

I do not think that my management learning has stopped since doing the course but merely set me off on the right road to becoming a better manager."

Shepherds Friendly Society Ltd - Nasrin Hossain - HR Manager

"I just wanted to drop you a line about the Tutor and the in house training that she has been providing for our staff. We’ve been really pleased with the service she has provided.  She’s been very flexible and really adapted the training to meet the needs of our staff.  We believe that we’ve really had value for money as it can be very difficult to source such a high standard of bespoke training.

It has been really valuable as the training is tailored specifically to job roles. We found it far better than sending employees on a public course and was real value for money.”

Foundation Degree Student - Sarah

"I would say that the main difference is that Macclesfield College treats you more like a trustworthy adult and understands that there are work pressures, whereas University is more of a machine, with checks and measures on the way. The lecture quality at University is comparable to Macclesfield College.  In fact, I would suggest that the delivery in Macclesfield College is better quality in terms of the tutors understanding and exploring the content more."

Aearo Technologies - Val Morgan - Senior Analyst/Programmer

"Aearo Technologies has been receiving ECDL training from Macclesfield college now for nearly three years and I have myself have completed all modules from both the ECDL and the Advanced ECDL.  We have always found our Tutor very knowledgeable and organized, and an absolute pleasure to work with.  The courses have been very efficiently and effectively taught, and the Tutor has always been on hand at all times to answer questions.  I would recommend Macclesfield College to anyone wishing to study similar business based courses, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thanks for all your help so far."

The College has provided AstraZeneca with training in Customer Services, Electrical Engineering and other areas for several years.

Left to right: Garry Riddell - Group Operations Manager, Seema Lal - Learning Partner and  Alistair Culpan - Operations ManagerSeema Lal Learning Partner

“AstraZeneca values our relationship with Macclesfield College. We have particularly been impressed with their professionalism. This has led to a successful partnership, which has been achieved through excellent customer skills and an understanding of how we operate.”

Jon Kershaw Plant Engineer

“Macclesfield College has been flexible in providing training on-site and at a competitive cost.”

Sarah Bianchi, Director at Arighi BianchiArighi Bianchi - Anne Harrison HR Manager

“We have been using the College for Health and Safety and First Aid training for many years.”

The Royal London - Tracy Fitzgerald
Technical Trainer responsible for People Development in Royal London Administration Services

 “The training we received from Macclesfield College has been excellent.  Every effort was made by the Course Team Leader, to tailor the training to our industry and his understanding of our culture and business has enhanced the training we received.” 

“The feedback from delegates has been fabulous and we have seen a rise in morale among staff and an improved attitude towards customer service.  It has made such a positive impact and I can’t praise it enough – a fabulous learning experience!” 

Jemma Galley, Apprentice AccountantWinnie Care Limited - Amanda Sargeant Area Manager

“We have used Macclesfield College for training in Health & Social Care for five years. Our staff have achieved their awards and are much more confident in their skills and job roles. The tutors are motivating and very supportive. We are now using the College for training in Catering as well.”


InforMed-Direct is a small but rapidly expanding Medical Communications company in Tytherington, judged by The Sunday Times as one of the most successful small companies in the North West last year.

Jim Heron Finance Director InforMed-Direct

Alan Bailey and John Browning, Fitness Instructors

“We wanted to employ an apprentice so we contacted
Macclesfield College. The partnership with the College has worked really well for us.”

Aearo Limited - Janet Dean European HRD Manager
The College has provided advanced IT training for this manufacturing company in Poynton.

“The tutor is excellent and interfaces with business in a way that business needs.”

Husain Ishaq, Training Manager for My TravelMy Travel - Husain Ishaq Training Manager

“The College with its close links with industry offers students the chance to experience what they are studying for.”

Sage Financial Services - John Rees ITManager

“Sage Financial Services have now run 3 on-site European Computer Driving Licence courses in conjunction with Macclesfield College and all our employees have benefited from these. From the company perspective, the courses have helped increase our efficiency and effectiveness.”

“The fact that they were held on-site allowed for greater flexibility when people were under pressure of work and when they may not have been able to devote much time each week.”

“When we have the requirement again we will most definitely be using the College for further training.”

Oldbury and Cruickshanks - Jean Oldbury Director

“The College offered a wide choice of suitable courses for our training and development needs, especially when achieving Investors in People.”

Alderley Edge Hotel - Scott Surtess Head Pastry Chef

Scott SurtessScott manages a team of 4 chefs. His team makes all the hotel’s own desserts, breads, pastries and chocolates. Scott trained to be a chef at Macclesfield College. He took the NVQ 1 and 2 in Food Preparation and Restaurant and Bar, then level 3 Advanced Kitchen and Larder. He has now passed his Assessors Award and works part time at the College as an Industry Chef Lecturer.

He has won many prizes. He was awarded a bronze medal in the Salon Culinaire in 2000. He then won the first British scholarship to train at the Relais and Chateau Association. During this time he became a qualified chocolatier. In 2004 he was voted Cheshire’s Young Chef of the Year and then North West’s Young Chef of the Year 2005.

“I believe that you need to go to college to be a chef. It is great that the College is working so closely with industry because ideas, food and methods are moving so quickly it is essential that college keeps up with developments. We have employed students from the College and this has been very successful. The Alderley Edge Hotel management is very happy about my connections with the College because they can see mutual benefits from the partnership.”