Skills for Life

Macclesfield College offer literacy and numeracy courses for adults. Courses run from September to June. These courses are suitable for learners who wish to improve their English and Maths skills. Enrolment is subject to an interview and initial assessment.

Classes are fun and interesting and groups are kept small so that learners progress quickly and will receive lots of support in a friendly atmosphere. You can also gain nationally recognised qualifications in Maths and English.

To apply, please contact our Learner Experience team on 01625 410 000, or email

GCSE English Language GCSE Mathematics GCSE Science


Read what our previous students had to say...

"Since joining Macclesfield College I have gained confidence in letter writing and punctuation, which is what I wanted to achieve. I have gained my Level 1 certificate and am working towards my Level 2.

I have made friends and have had many laughs which have made my time here very pleasurable and everyone has been understanding regarding each others needs.

The team work between all of us was excellent. A thoroughly nice group and teacher."

"I have been coming to this class for 6 months and in this time my confidence has grown in writing English. I have met many different characters and found the experience enjoyable.

I still have work to do but I am happy with my progress. I have achieved my Level 1 and am now striving for Level 2. "

"I left school (many years ago) without any qualifications in maths. Maths was always my weakest subject, it was my gremlin. However, because I wanted to do midwifery I needed my level 2 in maths. I was so nervous enrolling at Macclesfield College, I felt physically sick but I needn't have worried, the staff were absolutely wonderful, they were patient and understanding, so different to the teachers who had taught me at school.

The course was great, I worked at my own pace and there was no pressure on me to meet deadlines. Also the classes were a nice small size so my tutor had time to explain things to me.

I have now combated my gremlin and achieved what I thought would never be possible, my level 2 in maths. This achievement has made it possible for me to fulfil my dream, as I have now been offered a place at Manchester University to study a midwifery degree. If anyone has a maths gremlin in the closet I would strongly recommend this maths course."

"When I first started the course I had no confidence in Maths, I couldn’t even read numbers larger than a thousand and fractions have always eluded me totally. I could do some things but only with a calculator.

I was afraid that the whole class would be just like school, but what a shock I was in for! It is nothing like school and the tutor goes at your pace of learning, and finds a way that you understand to be able to do the sums.

You do a diagnostic test that gives the tutor the level you are at and you work from there, at your own pace. A lot of the students do the course over two years, but I needed it in one, so have had to work fairly hard to achieve this.

The other students are all at least 20 years younger than me but they are a great bunch and we work together on problems in group work and do have fun. I look forward to my maths class now and know that I will miss it when it all ends.

I have now gained my level one and am looking at doing my level two in June. I know I can do it. I can do fractions, decimals and percentages, and when I see a number larger than a thousand I know what it says. I now know there is only one decimal point in a number not several!

It has opened my eyes to things that other people see as so easy, and has given me greater confidence in my every day life. I would recommend the course to anyone, as you can expect a very supportive teacher, good classmates, and the best method for you to be able to do the problems. All you have to do is turn up to class and be prepared to do about 10 minutes a day at home and you will get there.

This course has opened my eyes to maths, I am confident in it now. If I was not going onto other further study in the next academic year I would do the GCSE Maths without hesitation."