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ABC Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills (Macclesfield)

Course Code Start Date End Date Wks Day Time Venue Fees
24yrs +
18COD04CL3/1 24/04/2019 25/03/2020 34 W 17:30 - 21:00 Macclesfield College £1,236.00 Fee Code: £1,236.00Fee Code:
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Course Information

The ABC Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills aims to:
* Develop a repertoire of counselling skills at a consistent level
* Underpin these skills with an understanding of one major therapeutic model
* Increase the self-awareness of the person and their awareness of the impact that they have on people.

Who is it for?
This qualification is designed for those learners who:
* Seek the course as an entrance to their training to become a qualified professional counsellor
* Wish to acquire a repertoire of counselling skills for use in other work areas, and who have no wish to become a professional counsellor, e.g. nurses, social workers and teachers.

This level 3 course will not provide the qualification needed to practice as a counsellor. To do this learners will need to successfully complete the L4 Diploma in therapeutic counselling.

Entry Requirements
In order to apply for this course you must be aged 19 or over and have a good level of English, both aural and written, to enable you to successfully complete the qualification.

Ideally you will have completed the Level 2 Concepts in Counselling course, or equivalent. This should ideally be within a 2 year period and if longer you may need to demonstrate more recent use of your listening skills.

You will be required to attend an interview and be able to satisfy tutors of your suitability and commitment to the course.

Learners must complete all 4 Mandatory units
*Understanding the context for the use of Counselling Skills*
This unit is intended to deepen the learners’ understanding of the significant differences between a person who uses counselling skills in another occupation and a fully trained and qualified counsellor.
Learners will explore key legal and ethical issues based on an ethical framework for counselling and psychotherapy in a multi-cultural and diverse society. The need for and the importance of casework supervision will be highlighted.

*Understanding Counselling Theory*
Learners will study one major therapeutic model of counselling in depth to empower the learner to reflect constructively on its value and use when working with people. They will also reflect on two other therapeutic models of counselling to raise awareness of other models.

*Using Counselling Skills*
Through practice, learners will explore a range of skills used within the counselling profession. Additionally they will understand that sessions in which counselling skills are used are professionally managed activities with a start, middle and end. Cultural differences are recognised, acknowledged and worked with.

*Personal Development for users of Counselling Skills.*
In this unit, learners reflect on how the study of counselling theory, the use of counselling skills and feedback received can inform personal development and growth, in particular their understanding of self.

Awarding Body

Follow up courses/Progression
Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.

Course information code: MPL-03-18