How to Enrol for a Course

Adult Courses

For the courses that require an admissions interview you can submit an application by either:

  • Clicking on the apply button at the top of the course information on the website to submit an application
  • Calling in person at the main reception of the College to complete an application form
  • Contacting the Learner Experience Team at or 01625 410002 to request an application form through the post.

For the courses that you do not require an admissions interview for, you can enrol at the College between 9.30am - 3pm (Mon, Thur, Fri) and 9.30am - 7pm (Tue and Wed). Alternatively you can reserve a place online.

If you are not sure which course you would like to study or you need further information or advice, simply contact the Learner Experience Team at or 01625 410002 and they will be happy to help by finding the course that is right for you.

Higher Education Courses (Level 4 and above)

For Higher Education courses you can apply online, or in person.

Guide to Funding Codes listed in the Part-time Courses Guide

Government Funded (Entry Level and Level 1 - not English/maths or ESOL) - If you are aged between 19 and 23*, don't already hold a qualification equivalent to 5 GCSEs at grade C or above, and you need to study at Entry or Level 1 to progress to Level 2, tuition and exam fees will be waived.
Level 2 Government Funded (Full Level 2) - If you are aged between 19 and 23* and don't already hold a qualification equivalent to 5 GCSEs at grade C or above, tuition and exam fees will be waived.
Level 3 Government Funded (Full Level 3) - If you are aged between 19 and 23* and you don't already hold a level 3 qualification (i.e. equivalent to 2 A Levels) tuition and exam fees will be waived.
Government Funded (Other) - If you are
- Aged 19+ and unemployed
- Aged 19+ and are employed for only a few hours a week
- In receipt of JSA, ESA (in WRAG) or Universal Credit (and are mandated to undertake skills training) OR you are unemployed, receiving any other state benefit, and you are looking to study a course up to level 2 to help you gain employment (your course must be relevant to employment prospects and the local labour market needs), your tuition and exam fees will be waived.
Fees are payable by all students - Fees are payable by all students. Discounted fees are not available. No financial support.
Advanced Learning Loan - If you are
- Aged 19-23* and looking to study at level 3 or above, and you already have a qualification at level 3 or above, you can apply for a student loan to cover the cost of your course.
- Aged 24+* and looking to study a level 3 or above course
Please speak to The Learner Experience Team for further information.
English or Maths - If you do not hold a grade C (or above) at GCSE for English or maths, tuition and exam fees will be waived.

*age on course start date

Please note:
Tuition fees are advertised at a yearly rate unless otherwise specified. The course information is provided as a reference guide only and is subject to change. Macclesfield College reserve the right to update or withdraw a course at any time. Where there is insufficient interest on a course, we may cancel the course or combine it with another similar course.

Information about Fees

For students/courses who do not qualify for fee remission, payment of fees is required at enrolment. Instalment payment options are available, please ask our Learner Experience Team for further details. On some courses, you may be required to pay additional costs for items such as materials, uniforms etc. Please ask about these when you enrol.

What evidence do I need to bring?

If you are eligible for fee remission because the course you wish to enrol on is funded, and you are unemployed and in receipt of one of the benefits below:

  • Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA)
  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) in Work Related Activity Group (WRAG)
  • Universal Credit (and are mandated to undertake skills training)
  • Any other state benefit AND you are undertaking your course to help you find employment

You must provide proof of your benefit on the day you enrol for the course. Failure to bring this documentation with you could result in a delay to your enrolment. Evidence should be dated within 6-8 weeks of your enrolment date.

Tuition Fees Policies

Our Tuition Fees Policy for the 2015-16 Academic Year

Our Tuition Fees Policy for the 2016-17 Academic Year

Information for adults on government funded courses - ESF Match Funding

As an ESF co-financing organisation, the Skills Funding Agency must match their ESF funds with money from the UK government. They must use some of the funding they get from the government to pay for an amount of training and support that is equivalent to their ESF allocation. They find this match funding from their mainstream programmes that are eligible for the ESF programme. They identify activity that improves the skills of the workforce and helps people who have difficulties finding work. As an adult on an SFA funded course studying with Macclesfield College your programme funding may be used to comply with the above. This will not have any impact on the fees payable for your intended course of study, if applicable. Further information can be obtained at:

Refund Policy

Refunds arising from operational reasons such as cancelled courses

The College reserves the right to cancel any course because there is an insufficient number of students enrolled, or for any other operational reason, and in such cases tuition and, where appropriate, registration fees will automatically be refunded to those enrolled. However, where possible, customers will be offered an alternative day/time/venue or an alternative course.

Refunds arising from student requests

Students who enrol early and wish to withdraw before the start of the course are entitled to a refund providing the request is received by the College in writing at least five working days before the scheduled start date.

Once the course has started refunds will not normally be given, although a credit note may be issued where the Head of Learner Experience considers this appropriate. Requests for refunds relating to personal circumstances must be made in writing, to the Head of Learner Experience, stating clearly the reason for the request. Appeals should be made in writing to the Vice Principal; Finance and Resource who will ensure a consistent approach.

Refunds arising from complaints

Complaints relating to courses are subject to the College's Complaints Procedure and should be addressed to the Head of Learner Experience, who will arrange for the complaint to be logged and investigated by an appropriate member of the Senior College Management Team (SCMT). At the conclusion of the investigation the member of the SCMT will report back to the Vice Principal: Finance and Resources who will make a decision whether a refund should be given. Appeals should be made in writing to the Vice Principal: Curriculum and Quality who will ensure a consistent approach.

Car Parking

There will be a charge for parking your vehicle at the Park Lane Campus and you will need to purchase a parking permit if you want to use the car park. Please ask the Learner Experince Team for details. Please note that the purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee that a space will be available for you.

Designated Smoking Areas

Macclesfield College requests that smokers use the designated smoking shelters on campus. Information on the location of the designated shelters can be obtained from reception.

Learning Support

Please let us know if you need extra help with your studies. You can speak to one of the Learning Support Team at any time and in confidence. Please contact 01625 410018.

Macclesfield College complies with the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001.