Equality Objectives

Male Hairdressing StudentThe College's specific and measurable equality objectives help to ensure that Equality and Diversity are placed at the heart of College policies and procedures and are considered as part of the decision-making process.

There are 3 year objectives which focus on the most important equality issues facing the College today, and those that will have the greatest impact on students, staff and external stakeholders.

  1. To support members of the College community to ensure they feel comfortable, particularly those learners with a disability and members of the LGBT community, by developing awareness and understanding of all community members.
  2. To develop and review new approaches to staff and student recruitment to ensure any barriers to individual progression are removed.
  3. To promote student and staff awareness of different cultures and international diversity.
  4. To ensure attainment gaps for all ‘protected groups’ are minimised.

These objectives are addressed through the annual action plan of the Macclesfield College Equality and Diversity Committee.